"Looking For Sunday Dinner Event Catering Services?"

CALL 347-404-6850 For Private Sunday Dinner Event Catering Services In Brooklyn And The Surrounding Area.

Chef Suszie Q One Of The Best Private Sunday Dinner Event Catering Services!

"Looking For Sunday Catered Food In NYC And The Surrounding Area?"

CALL 347.404.6850 To Contact A Private NYC Event Caterer Today!

CALL 347-404-6850 for Chef services and gourmet at home catering.

Check out this video on how we are cooking and creating great food and tasty meals for YOUR family and friends for YOUR next Sunday Dinner Event.

"Looking For Sunday Dinner Event Catering Services?"

Chef services and gourmet at-home catering.

Whether YOU are interested in restaurant quality entertaining or are a busy professional/family, we can make your life easier and more delicious!

Dinner and weekly delectable meal planning.

From initial consultation to immaculate clean-up, Chef Suzie Q strives to bring YOU the highest quality ingredients and the highest level of service.

Our household service includes Sunday only, Holiday Catering or weekly preparation of up to 5 family meals for quick and easy dining every night of the week.

CALL 347-404-6850 for more catering information.

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